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I may already have my ideal car, the Hyundai i10 torque converter auto and chain cam. Are there any new cars at a reasonable price that have torque converter auto and chain cam? I would accept a non-interference...
I'm in the hunt for an automatic car with a max budget of £7,500. I've shortlisted the Jazz and the Yaris but would love some clarification on which engines are the best as there are so many for each. Yaris The...
What is the best used SUV automatic to buy with a £15,000 budget please?
Please can you advise. We will be moving to Salisbury city centre and no longer need a Jag XF diesel sadly - wrong car for less use and urban. Having decided on a Honda Jazz 2014 SE that was safe, well...
Which SUV auto is good for me? I do more short runs every week, around 120 miles.
I am considering buying an Arona automatic, but concerned that is has a DSG gearbox. Should I be worried?
I have a 2018 MB E-Class, it’s done 33,000 miles. The dealer tells me it needs an automatic gearbox service this year - £375 + VAT. Is it strictly necessary, and is that a reasonable price?
I am thinking of buying a used Citroen C1 auto but have read the ETG gearbox is best avoided. Do you agree? Do you know why?
I'm looking for a used (2017 -2022 ) good fuel economy car for short journeys but also good on motorways please. I need an automatic and have budget of up to £8000. My thoughts are Toyota Aygo, Kia Picanto...
I have been driving a Peugeot 607 for 18 years but need an SUV because of bad knees. It must be diesel, leather seats and ideally manual gearbox. I am large so in cars with a high console I feel a bit...

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