We need a car that is safe and has low insurance costs, what would you suggest?

Please can you advise. We will be moving to Salisbury city centre and no longer need a Jag XF diesel sadly - wrong car for less use and urban. Having decided on a Honda Jazz 2014 SE that was safe, well built and in great condition, the insurance was very high. I see this is due to thefts of cat converters. It also seems to be an issue with other cars like the Auris.

We were planning to spend around £7-9K max. So we wanted something very reliable, very safe, and low insurance mainly for shorter trips with the odd longer. Also an automatic is vital.

So this has thrown us. Can you suggest any possible models that fit our criteria?

Asked on 5 February 2024 by Tim Cook

Answered by David Ross
We would suggest looking for a small petrol automatic, which should keep running costs down and be ideal for urban, short journeys. You could consider cars such as the Mazda 2 and 3, Honda Civic, Kia Ceed and Hyundai i120 and i30, all of which have good reliability records.
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