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I am buying a 1972 Renault 4TL. Do I need to use a fuel additive with this motor?
A couple of months ago we bought two brand new cars having just returned two company cars. We have a Skoda Superb SE saloon 1.5 petrol DSG and a Kia Rio 2 petrol 1.0-litre manual. As we are new to car...
I keep 10 litres of unleaded petrol in an approved metal cannister in my car boot for emergency use. As I keep my tank topped up, the contents of the can have now been sitting there for two years. Would...
I often notice driver of Eastern European origin using the LPG pump at my usual filling station, what are your thought on why the fuel has not been more popular in the UK ?
I have a 2017 Toyota Yaris. Will using the air con on high waste fuel faster?
I have just acquired a K reg Volvo 850 GLT with just 25,000 fully-documented miles on the clock. Is it okay to use super-unleaded fuel in this car? Also, would it be wise to use a petrol additive such...

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