I'll need to replace my ageing car before 2030, but should I wait a few years to buy an electric car?

I have an 11-year-old car which I'll probably replace before the end of the decade. There seem to be three possibilities: replace soon with another petrol or diesel car then change after 2030, replace soon with an electric car or run the current car until maintenance costs force a change and then go for electric. My concern is that, at the moment, all manufacturers are very early in the design and life cycles of their electric models so they've still got a long way to go along the learning curve. Do I buy an electric car now or do I wait a few years?

Asked on 7 May 2021 by Simon Arthur

Answered by Andrew Brady
Unless you really want to be an early adopter, wait a few years. The electric car market is changing rapidly and there'll be a wide variety of models launched over the next few years. The infrastructure needs drastic improvement, too. A modern petrol or hybrid car could be a good stepping stone.
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