Is there still a Government grant if you're buying an electric car?

The Government will apparently pay up to 35% of the total cost of EVs and PHEVs but reading up and trying to do my homework on government grants etc they only pay up to £3500 towards it which I feel is misleading. They have already reduced the grant pot from 2018 and if this takes off there will be no grants left.

Will EV owners get a grant to pay for some of their energy bill? Or will the government offer to do this in the future as I'm on low income but I promised myself if the cost per litre fuel was to hit £1.50 I would go EV.

Asked on 24 January 2020 by AMBROSIA

Answered by Andrew Brady
The Government's plug-in car grant provides a maximum of £3500 off the list price of a new electric car. Manufacturers usually include this when quoting prices for new electric cars - so, for example, the Citigo's £16,955 start price includes the grant. You can also get a grant of 75 per cent towards a charge point.

If most of your journeys are short, a full EV makes a lot of sense. I've just been driving the new Honda E - look out for our review on the site next week.
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