Hard Starting on Fiesta - johnmac
Car = Fiesta 1.8 LX diesel.

I have severe trouble starting it. Basically the engine barely turns over when you turn the key, its kinda like the starter is jammed or severely lacking power, then after about 3 or 4 goes it seems to get some life and fires the engine up ?

I have put in a new battery. Have also taken the starter out , checked and extensively cleaned all wires and earths.

I benched the starter on a good battery whilst out of the car and although it did spin it seemed pretty slow to me be then again its hard to tell.

What i want to know is, is this starter likely almost done and is it liekly to be the brushes that are worn?

The only other thing that i reackon could cause this is a tight engine but i dont see how on the earth that could be it was fine bfore?

thanks in advance for any help
Hard Starting on Fiesta - johnmac
This also happened, unbelievable but it did.

The battery came loose from its holding yesterday and slid over so that the +Ve battery connection was permanently touching the hand fuel pump.
As result the pump got a hole burned right through it and the engine stopped. Ive changed the pump put in a new battey and now this hard starting problem, could i have burned out the starter after shorting out like this?
Hard Starting on Fiesta - pmh
I have seen this problem (but not on Fiesta). In my case the brushes were very worn and causing the problem.
You may find it difficult to source replacement brushes, since not many auto electricians bother to rebuild starters, however find a specialist (factory style rebuilder) who may have a stock of spares. In my case, on a Valeo starter, I had to make the brushes from the best available oversize brushes with a similar lead out construction. About 20 mins with a hacksaw and file.

If you are in Herts let me know and I will try to sort outthe details of the people who were the best bet.
pmh (was peter)
Hard Starting on Fiesta - king arthur
Let me get this straight - the engine became difficult to start after you changed the battery? Or was it as bad with the old battery?
Hard Starting on Fiesta - johnmac
no its pretty much the same with the new battery as with the old, the battery shorted out on the fuel pump whilst i was driving. It slid out of its holding and the +ve terminal shorted on the metal fuel pump casing for what must have been a few mins i think. This put a hole in the pump, pump started to leak, car stopped. Changed pump, but now hard starting. fuel system is 100% fine with new pump in.

the starter sounds incredibly weak when trying to start just a little squeak but if you keep the key turned on full after a few tries eventually the starter usually kicks in and acts pretty much like normal, car starts up and drives fine.

Im wondering if a new starter would fix it or if theres some other problem. Another thing the starter has a burning electrical smell to it. I noticed this after taking it out to test it on a battery outside the card. the kind of smell you get with model train engines.
Hard Starting on Fiesta - glowplug

I think that if you've had a short circuit of that type (unfused?) you should also checkout the wiring, I'm thinking along the lines of main feed and any earth straps from the battery and to the engine.


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