Diesel Smoking / Additive - charlie_boy
After purchasing a 1993 TD Astra, I thought it would be a good idea to use Miller\'s Power Plus additive to give the engine a \'clean\'as it has been probably been neglected (it was only done 2k in thast 12 months!). Over two weeks, the car has done about 180 miles doing the school run, bobbing about town etc. However, my wife started the car up this afternoon, after about 4 hours of leaving it idle, it bellowed white, then blackish smoke. This carried on as she drove for about 5mins before the smoking stopped. Does the car need a good long run to blow out the crap?

Can I presume that this smoke can be attributed to the aditive cleaning the engine, or is it normal for a diesel of this age to do this until the engine warms.

Or is here something afoot? Car runs perfectly though.

Am I worringly unnecessarily?

P.S. It was the sender that was faulty on my coolant temp problem. Thanks for all your help.
Diesel Smoking / Additive - Marcos{P}
Could be due to needing a good clear out and also down to faulty glowplugs.

See other threads regarding white smoke.

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