Are differential failures common on the Hyundai Santa Fe?

Just been told by my local garage that the rear diff on my car has failed and needs replacing. The car was last serviced one month ago but not by a Hyundai dealership. Being a 2017 model it is just out of warranty, but surely this shouldn't have gone with such limited mileage?

The garage who have looked at it say it looks as though something has failed inside and it has exploded so there is now a hole in the metal casing. Is this likely to be a latent manufacturing defect that Hyundai should pick up (even though it is out of warranty) or have i just been unlucky? Cost to replace has been quoted at over £5k for the part alone so I am at my wits end!

Asked on 7 November 2022 by jayne england

Answered by Lawrence Allan
We've seen a few individual reports of Santa Fes suffering from differential failure but not enough to say for sure that it's a known and common issue. Sadly there could be a number of factors at play here. Are you the first owner? It's possible the previous owner didn't look after the car or towed heavy objects (which can prematurely wear components such as the differential. We would attempt to contact Hyundai's customer service and plead your case, they may offer a goodwill gesture towards the fix, but I'm afraid we can't guarantee anything.
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