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Please can somebody help?

I have a 98 Vectra 2.0 di and it has recently developed a problem. The car will not start in the mornings by crank. It will start if it has a bump start on a decent hill. Yesterday it was at Vauxhall and they said there was 2 error codes. One was the glow plugs control unit and the other was preheat.
They said they are unable to diagnose the problem until further investigation, or until I cough up what they are asking to look into the problem, 8 hours labour. You do the maths.
Anyway yesterday I replaced the preheat relay and put in new filters and glow plugs. Then this morning the car does what it always does. It will start but it seems to run for a few seconds very rough, like 3 cylinders but not if you know what I mean. Then it will cut out. It always will start for a few seconds then cut out. There has been no lights come on at any time nor is there any now. I took my car to my mate who has the Snap-On tool to take the readings and he found the same 2 faults but I\'m not sure Vauxhall cleared them in the first place. I will take the car back later on today to see if the faults come back, as my mate cleared them. I\'ll let you know on that one.

Weird thing is that once the car is started it will run forever no probs, it will even start off the crank all day no probs at all. It\'s just that initial first start.

Anybody any ideas?

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Hi there,

The initial running rough could be due to no post heat from the glowplugs, even though you have changed the preheat relay and glow plugs. Ideally you need to measure the current drawn by the glowplgs during the start - could be a poor connection. Measuring voltage at the glowplug terminals is OK, as long as you can be sure its the reminal you are measuring, and not the lead (eliminates poor electrical connection).

The start and run for a few seconds, then cutting out, may be air leaking into the low pressure fuel system. You say you have changed some filters, was the fuel filter one of them?

Hope this helps.
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the problem was there before i fitted the new fuel filter.

i was thinking it is a leak in the fuel system somewhere. but is there any where on the glow plug line i can test that would help here. i have tested the plug lead with the ignition on, there is 0.3v. then tested with engine started, the reading changes to between 3v and 8v. it constantly changes up and down and doesn't settle until it finally stops when the car is warm when the reading is 0v.

if you want anything tested to help let me know.

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how do i test what the plugs are drawing? and is there anything else i can check.

vectra di - 547HEW
Hi vectra,

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the layout of the Vectra DI engine, so can only speak generically.

The usual way to check what current the Glowplugs are drawing is to use a "current clamp" This is a testmeter attachment that is in essence a pick up coil contained in a split ring, that fits around the glow plug lead. If you have not got access to this type of equipment then you need to rely on voltage measurements.

Based on what you have measured, I would check the integrity of the power feed to the relay (i.e. upstream of the relay). This assumes you have checked the power cable from the relay to the glowplugs when you changed the g/plugs.

Other than this we probably need some specific knowledge of the vectra DI engine. Come on chaps!

Air leaks are usually traced to source using clear polythene fuel tubing. If there is a leak, you should see air bubbles in the fuel entering the fuel pump.

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There is a known issue on these engines whereby the injector seals can leak, which makes starting difficult. I'm quite sure there is a mention of this in the 'car by car' breakdown and if you do a search. A couple of members here have had similar problems.
I notice it seems to occur on some of these engines when they are about 5 years old. I have a 2K (W reg) 'chipped' Vectra DI which I'm very pleased with, but it does use engine oil. Does yours just out of interest?
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Richard is quite correct and this has been discussed before on a previous post. It is a well known failing and as I mentioned before a Pentagon vauxhall mechanic told me about it a few years ago.
Although I seem to recall he said it was something to do with the seal on the spill back pipe attached near the injectors.
Regarding glowplugs on the vectra according to my book they don't operate at temperatures above 3C. You may have noticed that the glowplug dash lamp never operates until the temperature is close to freezing.
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This was a previous discussion on this problem.
vectra di - mark
Yep the spill pipes went on mine when I had it, most notable symptom was the smell of diesel, it did'nt really affect the starting though, they went at about 80k as I recall. At the same time these were replaced (£80 at the dealers) a vacuum pump gasket was also replaced.

You may wish to note that this was the last of the work I had done on the engine between 20k and 80k I had most of the injection system, pipes and all the associated starting electrical gubbins (relays, switches etc) replaced under warranty as the car had a series of failing to start episodes and it was this that led me to finally get shot. I still wonder if this was connected to the time at the 20k service where the mechanic at the VX dealers shorted the battery destroying most of the starting related electrical items.

as ever

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thank people for the help. to answer a few things from above. the car does not burn oil. it\'s very good that way. the car has 121k on it.

i was quoted £256 to change the spill pipes at vauxhall

the car is getting the spill pipes replaced today and i\'ll try to start it again in the morning. we wait with baited breath on that one.

i\'ll let you know if the pipes cure the problem, it may be of use to somebody in the future.

vectra di - Mark (RLBS)
Please do not bring the garage\'s name into this, and please don\'t make accusations such as \"company x is a rip off\".

I do not have the time to edit each note individually, therefore I shall simply delete the thread if it happens again.
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Thanks Mark. DD.
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well i must appoligise.

but in my defense if i was taking my car to a dealership and somebody else like me has experience at said dealership then i would want to know about that experience. good or bad.

but this is your rules on here and i'm happy to abide by them in future.

cheers>> Please do not bring the garage\'s name into this, and please
don\'t make accusations such as \"company x is a rip off\".
I do not have the time to edit each note individually,
therefore I shall simply delete the thread if it happens again.
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i got the spill pipes replaced for £4 using genuine vx pipes and their t pieces. the mechanic fitted them in 15 mins.

the car started no probs this morning.

thanks to everybody who has helped.

vectra di - wemyss
Good result Vectra. Are you saying that the parts cost £4.00 total?.
Sounds good to me. Are they push on fittings and pipe and were they leaking?.
vectra di - vectra di
the pipes are all push on fittings.

Good result Vectra. Are you saying that the parts cost £4.00
Sounds good to me. Are they push on fittings and pipe
and were they leaking?.
vectra di - Mark (RLBS)
Thank you. I understand your intention and appreciate it, but it is diffcult for a website to manage the possible difficulties.

I normally suggest a comment along the lines of..

"Garage X is not recommended, further details by e-mail if you wish" or similar.

Although even then we have to be careful if there are any obvious and linkable accusations.
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Vectra's are prone to this.........Change the leak off pipes as fuel drains back to the tank overnight and you have to crank the engine until it's bled again.
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yes the genuine vauxhall parts cost £4 with a small discount because the mechanic bought them on his garage account. but they normally would cost about £6.

all the pipes and new t pieces where fitted in about 15 mins. infact all in including the parts and labour my total bill was £10.

all i will say regarding the other quote of £256 for this job from a dealer is, people shop about for prices and other opinions on the fault. the very big dealer in question didn\'t know what the fault was. it saved me a few bob.


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