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Fiat 500 Electric At A Glance

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The Fiat 500 Electric is an affordable city car that’s packed with Italian retro charm. Easy to drive, comfortable and capable of travelling up to 199-miles on a full charge, it’s an accomplished small EV.

+Good to drive at urban speeds. Comfortable and supportive front seats. Attractive retro styling. Advertised 199-mile range from 42kWh battery.

-The 24kW version is limited to just 118 miles. Lots of road and wind noise on the motorway. High spec versions can get pricey.

New prices start from £23,495
Insurance Groups are between 14–21

Fiat's retro city car has been given a 2030-friendly makeover: it's now entirely electric. Or, at least, this one is.

Confusingly, Fiat is continuing to sell the old petrol (or rather mild-hybrid) 500 in the UK. But for buyers who are ready to make the leap to electric, the latest 500 model comes with an electric drivetrain and a choice of two battery sizes: 24kWh and 42kWh.

Intended to rival other cheap electric cars like the Honda E, MINI Electric and Volkswagen e-Up, the Fiat 500 Electric has an official range of 118 miles or 199 miles, depending on which battery pack you opt for.

It's slightly bigger than the petrol Fiat 500, while more space between the front and rear wheels means there's more room inside. Don't expect to use either of them as a family car, the rear seats are very small and only suitable for very small children at best.

There's a range of three core trim levels: Action, Icon and La Prima. Top-spec models come with a swish 10.2-inch navigation system as well as a button-free 'pebble' keyfob and seats made from recycled ocean plastics. There's also a limited edition Red trim, which comes highly equipped with climate control, special edition fabric seats and alloy wheels. 

Interestingly, as well as the standard hatchback model, you can also buy a soft-top Fiat 500 Electric. That's a rarity, matched only by the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio.

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Ask Honest John

What is the safest small car?
"What would be the safest small car to buy, Fiat 500 size? "
The smallest cars (classed as city cars) generally have lower Euro NCAP safety ratings than larger models, but it's often more due to the reduced level of driver-assist technology rather than their crash test scores. This is done to keep the price low. We'd avoid the Fiat 500 in petrol form as it has below average adult and child occupant protection scores, but the new electric 500e has decent ratings. Pretty much every other city car has a three star Euro NCAP rating, which is acceptable, but the Seat Mii/VW Up/Skoda Citigo models all have good occupant protection scores. The latest Kia Picanto also scores well, particularly with the optional safety pack, as does the Smart ForFour. If ultimate safety matters, though, larger models like the latest VW Polo and Skoda Fabia have top five star ratings.
Answered by Lawrence Allan
What is the average price of an electric car?
"What is the average price of an electric car?"
Electric cars vary dramatically in price. The cheapest start from around £20,000 for a Fiat 500 Electric or Smart EQ Fortwo (more here:, while you can easily spend more than £100,000 on cars like the Mercedes EQS and Porsche Taycan. You might find this electric vehicle guide useful:
Answered by Andrew Brady
What are the best value electric cars?
"What are the best value electric cars? "
An MG ZS EV represents excellent value for money, as does the MG 5 EV estate car. If you're looking for something smaller, consider a Vauxhall Corsa-e or Fiat 500 Electric. A Smart EQ Fortwo could be a good urban runaround if you don't wish to travel very far. This might help:
Answered by Andrew Brady
Are there any electric convertibles?
"Which reasonably priced convertibles are available and are any of them available as electric or hybrid?"
The electric/hybrid convertible market is currently pretty limited. If you don't need to carry many passengers, look at the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio or Fiat 500 Electric Cabrio. There's a Tesla Roadster on its way, but it's likely to be another year or two before it goes on sale in the UK.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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