Review: Vauxhall Vectra (1999 – 2002)


Facelifted Vectra is a straightforward and comfortable family car, well suited to motorway use, better than the previous Vectra, cheap to buy.

Lacklustre handling, fares badly in reliability surveys and can suffer from a long list of mechanical problems.

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23 March 2019

Report of 2000W Vauxhall Vectra failing its MoT because because both its headlamp levelling motors had failed. (Part of the test since May 2018). Repair was about £500, so car now scrapped. Read more

18 December 2018

Report of 1999V Vauxhall Vectra reaching 283k miles with very few problems. Read more

1 March 2001 Larger-engined model announced

145mph 2.6 GSi with bigger brakes, priced at £18,595 from Spring 2001. Read more

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Vauxhall Vectra won't start

Sometimes my 2001 Vauxhall Vectra wont start. The engine turns over, but there is a ticking sound, like a relay going on and off. The battery is fully charged and, after some time, the ticking stops and the engine starts. Any idea what's going on?
So is the ticking happening when you try to turn the engine over (and the engine does not turn). If so it could be the starter soleniod. Other than that also check all earth straps in the engine compartment.
Answered by Alan Ross
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