Review: Vauxhall Astra Sporthatch (2005 – 2011)


Eye-catching looks. Excellent balance between sharp handling and a comfortable ride. Perky yet economical engines. Reliable.

Poor rear visibility. Waterpump failure can throw off the timing belt on 1.9 CDTIs in just 40k miles.

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12 May 2014

Four reports of mirror glasses falling out of two 56/57 reg Astras and two 56/57 reg Zafiras, all owned by the same family, but kept in different places and doing different mileages. Read more

9 February 2013

Same Brake Pressure Sensor problem in ATE/Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP module as VAG cars and some Fords, Volvos and Mazdas. Can be fixed from from £225 by ; Read more

13 January 2013

On 1.9 diesel engine, absolutely crucial to change the waterpump at the same time as the timing belt otherwise the tension of the new belt can wear its bearing very rapidly, leading to seizure and throwing... Read more

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List Price from £18,660
Buy new from £15,995
Contract hire from £162.05 per month

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Problems with Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTi SRI

I'm looking for some advice in regards to my wife's 2008 Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTi SRI. Seven days ago the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve was replaced by my local Vauxhall dealer after the emissions warning light coming on. This was assessed and replaced for £250. Four days after the work was completed the high engine temperature warning light came on – my journey was stopped to investigate and the coolant level was found to be low. Upon advice from the dealer, this level was topped up with water to allow the journey to be completed; however, after being back on the road for just 10 minutes the engine cut-out and failed to re-start. The RAC dropped the car off at the dealer and they have indicated that water pump may be seized. My suspicion is that there has been a coolant leak, which may have started when work was initially carried out at the dealer for the EGR valve. Could a coolant leak result in a water pump failure? And, when replacing the EGR valve, is there a particular part of the coolant system that could have been damaged?
A lot of problems with this engine, not necessarily inter-related. I regard it as a disaster zone and warn all readers off.
Answered by Honest John
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