Review: Toyota Land Cruiser (1997 – 2003)


Very roomy, tough and well equipped. Unfazed by rough terrain and heavy trailers. Diesels have masses of lowdown pull.

Feels big on the road and not overly refined to drive. Cylinder heads of diesels can crack. Imported Prados being passed off as UK cars.

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1 December 2006

Recall over possible problem with rear axle shaft flange on certain Landcruiser Colorado models up to 9 years old. Repair/replacement FOC, seemingly regardless of mileage. Read more

3 December 2003

On 404 Landcruisers JT111GJ9...05110 to 51812 and JTEAZ99J....01014 to 15870 the front seat belt installation may be loose at uppermost position on B post due to incorrect re-installation following conversion... Read more

12 August 2003

On 129 Landcruisers JTDBU2...1005 to 7122 the fuel injection system pulsation damper may have been damaged during manufacture, may leak and may cause a fire hazard. Modified pulstation damper to be fitted.... Read more

Toyota Land Cruiser (1997 – 2003): At A Glance

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