Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (2008 – 2015) Review

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (2008 – 2015) At A Glance


+Unstoppable off-road. Very highly kitted out as standard. Superbly engineered and robust.

-More expensive new than a Range Rover and nowhere near as good. Doesn't feel very upmarket considering the price. Wallowy on the road. Generic looks inside and out.

Insurance Group 48

The flagship model of Toyota's range is the monstrous Land Cruiser V8 which replaced the indestructable Land Cruiser Amazon. It's built on a completely redesigned platform and is powered by a new 4.5-litre twin turbo D-4D V8 engine - hence the V8 name - which is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The Land Cruiser badge has always been associated with well-built, tough and incredibly capable off roaders. In fact this is actually the eighth generation of the firms' longest-running model and its go anywhere attitude has proved popular across the world from African deserts to duties with the U.N.

With the Land Cruiser V8, Toyota has taken the formula and added improved safety, comfort and refinement as it aims to take on the might of premium rivals.

It also comes with seven seats as standard as well as a long list of standard kit. But what will first hit you is its sheer size - it has the road presence of a battleship which means you certainly won't miss this coming down the street. Unfortunately the generic looks don't do it many favours and it doesn't have the class of other big 4x4 like the Range Rover.

However, it's incredibly spacious on board and it's clear Toyota has attempted to create a sense of upmarket quality in the cabin - everything is well screwed together and all the controls are intuitive and easy to get on with. Sadly the rather haphazard positioning of some of the controls, plus the lacklustre grey trim, do it few favours. Considering the considerable price tag, you'd expect better, although it does come kitted out with every gadget you can imagine.

Where the Land Cruiser V8 does excel is off-road. It's pretty much unstoppable and will deal with genuinely tough and seemingly impassable terrain with pretty much no fuss. It may look more luxury, but this version is as capable as the Land Cruiser has always been. This doesn't translate to the road though, where it's bulky and cumbersome and not an enjoyable car to drive anywhere other than the motorway.

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Need a car comparable to Toyota Land Cruiser V8?

"We currently own a Land Cruiser V8 auto but Toyota are not importing them any longer into the UK. I do a lot of towing quite often with two large horses, which is the best vehicle to look at which is comparable to the V8 with the same pulling power and boot size please?"
Jaguar Land Rover's 3.0 litre V6 diesel now develops 300PS and 700Nm torque in the XFS, so that engine in a Discovery, Range Rover Sport or Range Rover should be on the list. Possibly better still, Audi has now completely re-thought its Q7 and offers it with a full towing pack, plus 272PS and 600Nm torque for around £50k. Or you could go for a Mercedes GLS with 258PS and 620Nm torque.
Answered by Honest John

Is the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 being stopped in the UK?

"I am looking to buy a new Toyota Land Cruiser V8 but am being told that this model is no longer being sold in the UK. Is this true?"
Toyota announced in August 2015 that it is to be dropped for the UK market. There may be a few unsold examples around. It will be replaced by a new vehicle for Japan and the USA.
Answered by Honest John

What's the best 4x4 with a V8 engine?

"I'm looking to buy a used 4x4 with a V8 petrol engine and automatic gearbox. Fuel economy is not an issue, but reliability matters. I have up to £10,000 to spend and would consider a V6, but would be much preferred. What do you recommend?"
Toyota Landcuriser 4.2 VX/Amazon, like the UN uses. Some in this auction report:
Answered by Honest John

Running on rails

"Could you please tell me which cars and also which 4x4s are built with a separate chassis. "
No cars. All pick-ups and pick-up derived MPVs such as Toyota Fortuners and Isuzu MU7s. Also Land Rover Defenders and Toyota LandCruisers.
Answered by Honest John
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