Review: Toyota ES3 (2001)

Four-seater with the ability to do more than 100mpg and emit just 71g/km of CO2.

Only a concept.

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22 March 2001

Toyota's ES3 (Eco Spirit Cubic) prototype is probably the most efficient, environmentally friendly four-seater car yet built. With its aluminium and resin body the car weighs just 700kg and has a Cd value... Read more

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I have a new S3 on its second tank full of fuel. Driving on the A1 with almost a quarter tank on the gauge and 65 miles left on the fuel range & no low fuel warning light on, the car came to a sudden stop. The RAC suggested putting fuel in, even though I had only done 270 miles on a 60-litre tank of fuel. The car started straight away. It took 47 litres of fuel to fill the tank including the RAC fuel that meant there was around 3 gallons left before filling up. The trip computer had advised over 28 mpg, confirmed by my calculations. The first tank of fuel ran down in the usual way with the gauge dropping to low and the warning light then coming on. I am therefore convinced the car was not out of fuel but am at a loss to understand what may have caused the problem.
I tested this at You will definitely enjoy this test. And, as you will see, I got a very expensive 52.37 litres of V-Power into it. So, if from registering empty, you are only getting 47 litres in, then there is something wrong. You might not be getting 28mpg. Give it some stick and you'll drop to around 20. Though I doubt you'll be seeing the sort of speeds I saw on my deserted early Sunday morning drive through border country. Maybe the fuel pick-up inside the tank has come adrift.
Answered by Honest John
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