Review: Nissan Primera (1990 – 1996)


A very good car in its day. Strong 2.0 litre chain cam petrol engine. Decent handling.

Gearchange can feel weak. Multilink suspension becomes squeaky.

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1 January 1992

Catalysation pulled power of 1.6 down to 90bhp in January 1992, then multipoint injection pulled it up to 102bhp in January 1993. 2.0 down to 116bhp, then up to 123bhp. Read more

12 May 1990

Well built saloons, hatchbacks and estates. From 14' 5" long by 5' 7" wide and weighing from 1,075kg. 1.6 16v carb had 95bhp; 2.0i 16v injection started with 121bhp, 2.0 GT had 150bhp. 75bhp 2.0 belt... Read more

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Attack of the bumps

My 10-year old Primera (a reliable car that wont be going anywhere near the scrappage scheme) recently suffered from a loud rumbling noise at about 50 mph. My garage diagnosed inner wall damage to the tyres, replaced all four and the car is running happily again. I believe my habit of "straddling" the numerous speed cushions in my area has caused this. Is there a recommended way of driving over these obstacles to minimise tyre damage? Apart from very slowly?
One wheel over, one wheel beside, and as far as possible alternating. May break springs and twist the body, but doesn't damage the inner sidewalls of the tyres so is less likely to cause damage to the car that can kill you. In fact tyre failure was cited as the definite cause of at least 46 fatalities in 2007 and since speed cushions have been multiplying since then the current figures must be much higher.
Answered by Honest John
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