Mitsubishi ASX (2010–)

What's good

Five star NCAP Rating.

Well-equipped as standard.

Impressive Real MPG scores.

Plenty of room for five plus luggage.

What to watch out for

DPF regeneration, about every 200 miles, drops fuel economy to around 25mpg while it is taking place.

Disappointing interior quality.

Nosy diesel engine.

1.6-litre petrol lacks pace.

27-4-2012: Diesels not driven far enough to regenerate the DPF are prone to engine oil becoming contaminated with fuel and oil level rising.

4-7-2012: One complaint of severe wear on outer shoulders of front 215/60 R17 tyres at just 8,500 miles.

19-4-2013: Diesels don't like repeated short runs from cold which are likely to clog their DPFs.

7-4-2014: Otherwise excellent ASX4 2.2 (2.3) automatic criticised by user for noisy low rolling resistance tyres that give poor grip in wet ands icy conditions.

16-2-2015: Roof rails of the 2014 Mitsubishi ASX are not compatable with either Mitsubishi's own or third party roof bars. To fit roof bars it would have to be a 15 reg ASX which has deeper roof rails. All the dealer could offer was to fit new roof rails at a cost of £1,500.

7-4-2015: Vibration in the drivetrain of March 2011 Mitsubishi ASX bought in November 2012 eventually traced to a worn engine mount, but not until February 2015 after the owner had spent a fortune on tyres trying to cure it.

5-7-2015: Complaint that the heating element in the driver's seat of a new Mitsubishi ASX creates a lump in the squab of the seat and causes discomfort.

1-9-2015: Complaints about the Kenwood DNX 4230 DAB Radio/satnav uint fitted to a new Mitsubishi ASX bought in June 2015. No instruction manual for the unit supplied with the car. Keyless ignition has a delay of 30 miutes before radio comes on. Switching off the engine switches off the radio. Poor DAB reception. Complicated to use via touch-screen.

2-12-2015: Fuel tank of properly dealer maintained 2012 Mitsubishi ASX rusted at the seam and started leaking at 34,000 miles and 3 years 6 months old. Initially Mitsubishi and the dealer refused to replace it FoC and demanded £750. Then offered a £155 discount. Eventually, Mitsubishi agreed to replace the tank FoC, fitted new fuel lines and even provided a courtesy car for 2 days wile the work was done.

20-12-2015: Complaint of new Mitsubishi ASX suffering rom stiff gearchange and very bad condensation inside on windscreen. Dealer kept car for 2 weeks, could not solve either problem. Potential grounds to reject the car.

3-1-2016: 16,000 mile, 22 month old 2013 Mitsubishi ASX diesel reported as suffering increased engine oil level from failed DPF active regenerations.

7-11-2016: Report of 6% sump oil dilution in engine of ASX 2.2 diesel caused by failure of DPF active regeneration system.

23-11-2017: Report of three brake caliper cylinder failures in past 18 months in 58k mile 2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.6

15-5-2018: Report of repeated problem of rear brake dragging due to handbrake sticking on a 2014 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8d 4x4 with 66k miles. Garage has repeatedly cleaned but now looking for replacements. Mitsubishi quotes £460 per calliper but no stock. Googling <Mitsubishi ASX rear brake callipers> found plenty of callipers and repair kits at sensible prices but there were two types fitted to the ASX and it's vital to specify the correct type.

15-10-2018: Report of (unspecified age) M itsubishi ASX d4d diesel 2/4 wd SV11 BWX commercial rear hatch rusting through around the release catch.

9-3-2019: Report of tailgate of 2011 Mitsubishi ASX Di-D not locking.

10-11-2019: Report of engine sump oil level rising in 2014 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8 diesel, probably because active regeneration of a DPF is fired off by diesel fuel post-injected into it via the engine. If the DPF is not firing off then that diesel fuel sinks into the sump. So the fault is that active regen of the DPF is not firing off.


Apparent software update over DPF regeneration.

23-2-2014: Essential TSB dealer recall to upgrade ecu software to eliminate a problem with potential sticking piston rings which could lead to blow by and piston meltdown.

08-08-2018: R/2018/182 INAPPROPRIATE WATER PROOF STRUCTURE OF THE FRONT DECK Due to inappropriate water proof structure of the front deck water can drop on the wiper link. The wiper link ball joint may corrode and cause excessive wear of the resin part of the ball joint. In the worst case, the wiper link may detach itself and the windshield wipers may be inoperative.

8-8-2018: R/2018/180: Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi Outlander, ASX: PARKING BRAKE CALIPER SHAFT BOOTS INCORRECTLY SEALED: Due to improper sealing of parking brake caliper shaft boots, water might penetrate inside and rust the shaft. As the result of continuous use, the rust will erode into the internal caliper and the shaft becomes stuck, causing decreased parking brake force. Due to improper manufacturing process, automatic adjuster for brake pad clearance of rear brake caliper might not work properly. As the result, as brake pad wear, the clearance is not correctly adjusted and brake force becomes insufficient to hold a vehicle. In the worst case scenario, parking brake will not work even though a lever is fully operated and parked vehicle may move. FIX: Anti-rust coating (Fluorine) has been applied to parking brake shaft from 27/01/2016 supplied parts & the Inspection process for the caliper has been changed from 14/12/2014 supplied parts. Build Dates: 19-7-2012 to 28-12-2016. VINS: JMAXNGA1WDZ000101 to JMAXNGA1WFZC01840; JMAXJGF6WDZ400101 to JMAXLGF6WGZ401047; JMAXJGA6WDZ400101 to JMAXJGA6WFZ402491; JMAXLGA8WDZ400101 to JMAXLGA8WFZD01208; JMAXJGA7WFZD00101 to JMAXJGA7WFZD01402; JMAXDGG2WEZ000103 to JMAXDGG2WGZ010375.

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