Review: Ford Maverick (2001 – 2003)


Car-like drive. Far more refined and road-friendly than original Maverick. Same vehicle as Mazda Tribute.

Cabin plastics are below par. Fared badly in crash tests. 2.0 lacks muscle.

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30 January 2012

US recall for 2000/2002 Mazda Tributes and Ford Escapes, that were sold as Maverick IIs in the UK. A bulletin from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that the recall stems from... Read more

1 April 2007

No panic. Less than 5 affected Maverick IIs sold in the UK of several thousand in Europe. But Ford is recalling 527,000 Escape sport-utility vehicles sold in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe because... Read more

1 November 2002

oil residue from brake pedal bracket may contaminate stop lamp switch causing the stop lamps to fail. Clean oil residue and fit new stop lamp switch. 1.072 Mavericks affected. Read more

Ford Maverick (2001 – 2003): At A Glance

Instead of a Nissan/Ford, the Maverick II is a Mazda/Ford. Soft road SUV. Not as tough as first Maverick.

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Ask HJ

I'm looking for a reliable five-door 4x4 - should I consider the Ford Maverick or Mazda Tribute?

I've got a 2005 Focus 1.6TDCI with 149,000 on the clock. It's been a great car, but is now feeling its age. The 90 mile round trip I do for work is about to end, reducing to a 25 miles round trip three times a week. It's our second car and I don't think it's going to cope with switching to that sort of change of use. Added to this I'm about to move up a very steep lane, where even the winter tyres I fit won't get me up in the winter. So, I was thinking of trading in the Focus and spending £3,000, including the Focus, on a used 4x4. From looking around and at your website, a Ford Maverick or Mazda Tribute 3.0V6 auto seem a good idea, but I'm open to anything. Fuel economy is not an issue, but having five doors over three would be helpful. I'll keep it as long as it's reliable and will buy something small, economical and diesel if I ever start doing commutes again. Any advice on where to sell/ what to buy would be much appreciated.
If you can find either of those two, yes. They were quite good. The same engine is still used in Jaguar XJs for export to China. Their weakness is their automatic transmission.
Answered by Honest John
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