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Alpina Reviews

New Cars
Good: Quick, smooth alternative to an M3.
Bad: Not well known outside of Alpina enthusiasts.
Good: 410PS, 600Nm torque 0-60 of coupe in same 4 seconds as M3 and M4, with 37mpg ECDC combined and 177g/km CO2 (slightly better than M4).
Bad: Less power, but more torque than M4. Very similar performance to M4. Prices £58,950 v/s £58,605 for M4 DCT coupe and £62,950 v/s £62,700 for M4 DCT convertible.
Good: Performance and grip not far off a 2014 M3, but with much better economy and much lower CO2.
Bad: ALPINA insists on steering wheel button gearchanges that take a bit of getting used to, and the transmission is 8-speed automatic, not M-DCT.
Good: Strong competitor to a Porsche Macan S diesel. More powerful and quicker. with the useful capability of towing.
Bad: Doesn't handle quite as well as a Porsche Macan. Uses slightly more fuel and has higher CO2.
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