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How can I stop the inside of my windscreen from freezing?
My friend's 21 year old son had a car accident on the ice last week. His car (a cheap old thing) was a write off, but no one else was involved. The AA driver who came to recover the car advised him not...
I was leaving a business park on Friday morning when my car slid on black ice and hit the entrance gate. My car is damaged and the owner of the business park wants me to pay for damage to the gate. The...
As we approach winter, I now have to leave my car outside on the drive. What is the best way to reduce the frost build up on windows overnight and what is the best method of removing ice in the morning
I have a Nissan X-Trail 4x4 which is fine in the snow but skids on ice in the winter. Would winter tyres reduce the skidding and should they be used when the car is in 4-wheel-drive?

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