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My wife's Suzuki Vitara petrol is only used for occasional short trips and the battery is running low on charge. Can I charge it in situ using a standard non-smart battery charger without disconnecting...
When my car is stationary and I move the steering wheel. it makes a knocking noise on the right front wheel. What do you think the problem is?
How can I stop the inside of my windscreen from freezing?
My car maker advises fully synthetic 5W/30 engine oil. Are all oil brands of 5W/30 equal?
I have just found oil in my radiator and expansion tank. Any thoughts/suggestions as to what this could be?
Is the Sealey Trolley Jack 3010CX man enough to lift a Nissan X-Trail and would I have to buy an extra pair of axle stands? I am thinking of buying all these items for my 16-year-old grandson who is doing...
I am a new owner of a 2015 Mercedes-Benz E220 Estate which is coming up for a B5 service. The cost of this service at a Mercedes dealership is a checking fee of £850, hourly rate of £200 and parts on top,...
My son has a Mitsubishi Lancer which appears to run very well. However above 65mph the brakes seem to be very resistant when being pressed and need extra foot pressure, this can sometimes result in a sudden...
I have black liquid pouring out of the water coolant tank on my 2012 Ford Fiesta. What's wrong?
My 2011 Fiesta has a leaking water pump. Is replacing it a big job to do myself?

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