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Most recently answered power steering questions
Does my 2017 BMW X1 diesel have hydraulic or electric power steering?
I have a 1994 Daimler Double Six (X305) with a serious power steering leak. I have booked it into a specialist garage but will it still be drivable with no power steering? The garage is 12 miles away.
I have a 2010 SEAT Ibiza. Occasionally it won’t start, so I have to jump-start it. Also, if I slam the bonnet down and the car is off, it will not start either. Today, I jumped it and it started but the...
My Fiat 500's steering suddenly feels heavy when going in a straight line but feels normal when I turn the wheel. What's the issue?
I have a 1999 Toyota Yaris - the model without power steering. Is there a way to get power steering retrofitted? I really want this great runner to keep going. Thank you.
My car failed its MoT due to a power steering pipe/hose leaking. I have been told that this is a very expensive repair due to inaccessibility. It is a low mileage 2001 Ford Ka and I am reluctant to part...
My power steering has failed.The power steering warning light has not come on but the battery warning light is on now constantly. Is the power steering failure due to low battery power?
I have a 1989 Jaguar XJS. Today I moved it off the drive for the first time in five months and it's obvious that the power steering has stopped functioning. What could be the cause of this, please?
I have a 2009 Ford Mondeo TDCi X Sport that's done 95,000 miles. I was driving at appox 40mph when I suddenly lost my power steering. The engine management light came on and there was a rasping noise from...
My 2004 Vauxhall Vectra has lost power steering. There was a sign on the dash showing the steering wheel and an exclamation mark.

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