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Most recently answered power steering questions
My sister is concerned about the amount of complex electronics in todays cars, she's now looking for a newer car but is worried that she'll have to adjust electric steering on the dashboard for different...
Must the engine be running while checking power steering oil level?
I have a 9 year old Vauxhall Meriva B 1.4 Petrol Turbo. The steering pump has failed (again) and has failed its MoT. I cannot find a replacement pump either new, reconditioned or even second hand. A garage...
I'm looking for my granddaughters first car, she is set on a Vauxhall Corsa around 2012-13. Can you tell me, do all Corsa models have dashboard adjustable power steering?
When I learnt to drive in the 1960s I was told to park with the wheels straight for two reasons: to avoid strain on the PAS in full lock and to facilitate easy exit from a confined space. Is this advice...
My Fiat Panda has two steering modes. Around town (City) and normal. The normal mode is no longer working. Is the car still safe to drive on the City mode alone?
Does my 2017 BMW X1 diesel have hydraulic or electric power steering?
I have a 1994 Daimler Double Six (X305) with a serious power steering leak. I have booked it into a specialist garage but will it still be drivable with no power steering? The garage is 12 miles away.
I have a 2010 SEAT Ibiza. Occasionally it won’t start, so I have to jump-start it. Also, if I slam the bonnet down and the car is off, it will not start either. Today, I jumped it and it started but the...
My Fiat 500's steering suddenly feels heavy when going in a straight line but feels normal when I turn the wheel. What's the issue?

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