Should I straighten my wheels when parking?

When I learnt to drive in the 1960s I was told to park with the wheels straight for two reasons: to avoid strain on the PAS in full lock and to facilitate easy exit from a confined space. Is this advice still valid?

I understand angling wheels in to the kerb on a steep hill but I often see cars driven into level parking bays and left on full lock. I'm reluctant to park next to them in case the driver forgets how the wheels were left and sideswipes me on the way out.

Asked on 14 June 2023 by Clothcap

Answered by David Ross
We would say that the advice you received when you were learning to drive is still valid. It makes good sense to leave the wheels straight when parked to avoid the scenario of forgetting which way the wheels are pointing when leaving the space, although we would say that leaving steering lock on the vehicle causes no additional strain when the vehicle is parked.

It also makes good sense to avoid parking next to a vehicle with steering lock on, but we would always try and avoid parking next to anyone in a car park for a variety of reasons.
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