Do we need to be concerned about electric power steering systems?

My sister is concerned about the amount of complex electronics in todays cars, she's now looking for a newer car but is worried that she'll have to adjust electric steering on the dashboard for different modes of driving or that it will break down and leave her with stiffer motorway steering rather than an easy car park setting, if that makes sense? We're both in our 70s and I am none the wiser about such matters. She would like your advice as to which cars have non adjustable by driver/set mode electric steering on small 4 door cars that she can happily take her knitting circle friends out in.

Asked on 14 March 2024 by Peter Goddard

Answered by Andrew Brady
It's now fairly common for cars to adjust the weight of the steering depending on which driving mode you're in. It's not something to be concerned about, though - most people just leave the car in their preferred driving mode (usually 'normal' or 'comfort') and forget about it. Such systems are very reliable and we hear of very few (if any) issues with adjustable steering modes.
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