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Most recently answered fixed penalty questions
My husband has received an FPN for travelling at 36mph in a 30mph zone. He had taken a wrong turning and was going from a 40mph zone to a 30mph zone on an unfamiliar road. He has had a clean driving licence...
Is it better to do a speed awareness course or take three penalty points?
When do I have to advise my insurer of my recent fixed penalty conviction of 30mph+ in a 30mph zone (£100 and three points). Immediately, or only at the time of renewal? I wasn't eligible for a driving...
Do I need to notify my car insurance company of a fixed penalty notice I received for being in a bus lane?
My car was SORN'd in September 2015. It became eligible for Historic Vehicle Status in April 2016. I assumed DVSA would automatically update details and therefore no need for me to contact them prior to...
The wrong date of birth is displayed on fixed penalty notice I received for driving an un-MoT'd car? Do I lawfully have to pay?
I read in your column a reference to the Dutch police 'pushing for penalty points' (on a UK licence). Can they really do that? I am a resident of Guernsey, and as such have a Guernsey driving licence....
Is everyone aware of this Government’s intention to deprive motorists of the right to a Court hearing before Magistrates? The fixed penalty system has been systematically extended over the last twelve...

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