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My Citroen C5 2.2 HDi 2001 model's air conditioning blows hot air on the passenger side and cold air on the driver's side when the temperature is set at low on both sides. Any ideas?
My KIA Sorento is cutting out after about five miles. Vehicle has covered 35,000 miles approx and has regular services.
I noticed the Toxic Fume Filter System Warning light appear on my Renault Megane 1.6 Dynamique's dashboard yesterday, after driving 30 miles on country roads and a motorway. I have been informed by a Renault...
Please could you advise me as to whether my 1999 Toyota Yaris is OBD11-compliant?
Can you tell me why a buzzer is sounding and the clock has lost its digits?
I was wondering if you knew what info the keyfobs hold, as I have been told they hold info like the mileage, the last time the car was driven, when it was last unlocked and any faults with the car. I just...
I drive a Ford Fusion 1.6 automatic. About 2 months ago the engine of the car cut out whilst I was pulling away from a junction. The car went to the garage, a diagnostic test was done, but no fault could...

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