Is £2000 excessive to repair / replace the hydraulic unit in my BMW 118d?

I was notified of a fault with the DSG system on my BMW 118d (77,000 miles), by a warning light on the dashboard. I had this checked by a local BMW specialist who diagnosed the problem as a faulty hydraulic unit. The reading shows that the brake pedal is constantly under over 240lbs of pressure and therefore the computer has disabled the DSG and ABS. I am told by the engineer this is a common fault amongst all BMWs and have also found scores of comments about the same problem online. In an emergency, the performance of braking and handling systems is significantly reduced and in bad weather will become more so. I plan to take the car to a BMW dealer to inspect it, but as the cost of a new unit is £1500, I expect to be faced with a bill of around £2000. Surely this is excessive as this part is clearly not fit for purpose and, as it is a common fault, BMW should at least contribute towards this?

Asked on 14 July 2010 by EB226000

Answered by Honest John
BMW has a fix for this that is much cheaper than the VAG solution and usually costs £400 - £500. If the dealer pretends not to know of the fix, get in touch with ECU Testing.
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