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My Renault Scenic is ten years old and has covered 17,000 miles. Five years ago, at 12,000 miles, I had a new cam belt fitted. It's now been another five years, do I need another cam belt? The car has...
Fiat have contacted me saying that the cam belt on my 2012 Fiat Panda is overdue replacement. It has only done 30,000 miles. Is replacement really needed yet?
I have just privately bought an Audi A4. One reason for buying was service book check-boxes ticked and stamped by main dealer, including toothed belt at 50,000 miles. Upon checking with main dealer they...
I'm buying a second hand Vauxhall Corsa for my son - it's a 1.2 litre on an 02-plate. When should the cam belt be changed?
I have been given differing advice on the belt change intervals for my 2011 61-plate Land Rover Discovery 4 TDV6 HSE. It has done 45,000 miles and someone has recommended a change due to the age of the...
I own a 2011 Renault Grand Scenic with the 1.5-litre diesel engine. I was advised to change the cam belt as the mileage was over 80k and the car was five years old. I bought a cam belt kit and had it fitted...
I own a 2008 Ford Mondeo 2.0 diesel. Does this model have a timing chain or belt? And if it is a belt, when should it be replaced?
Does the Kia Picanto have a belt or chain camshaft? If belt when should it be changed?
Please could you advise when I should replace the cam belt on my Peugeot 2008 (2016) 1.6 HDi?
I have owned a Subaru Forester 2006 (non turbo) since new and it has been very reliable. I've noticed that the cam belt hasn't been changed since 57,000 miles - the current mileage is 152,000. Do I panic...
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