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On the current Honda CR-V petrol, you indicate that the automatic gearbox is best avoided. What is your reason for this advice? Is the gearbox CVT or torque converter?
I bought a new Nissan Qashqai in 2013. After 30,000 miles and three years, the CVT gearbox needed replacing. Do all CVT auto 'boxes suffer with such unreliability? Can you recommend a replacement car...
We bought a Nissan Micra CVT in March 2011 it has done 44,000 miles. It is my wife's pride and joy and was her first brand new car, we are advised that it needs a new gear box. Have you had similar complaints...
Honda Jazz CVT 2015 (1.3) - Does this new CVT transmission has a starter clutch or a torque converter? Honda World website shows torque converter equipped CVT. Is this also applicable to Jazz CVT in UK?
Nissan has advised me that the automatic transmission on my Juke needs replacing. The car is 4 years old and has done only 20,000 miles. They have said that it is out of warranty and as a gesture of goodwill...
When did Honda return to CVT transmissions in respect to the Honda Jazz from the I-shift? Also how reliable is the new CVT auto against the Mk1 version?
Is the ECU unit on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class a common problem with CVT gearboxes?
From my limited research, it seems as if all small automatics with CVT transmissions are classed by their manufacturers as unsuitable for any towing. Is this correct? Are there any type of small automatic...
How good and reliable is the Toyota Multidrive CVT on the 1.3 2013 Yaris?
I bought a 1999 Nissan Primera 2.0i automatic two years ago. It had 9000 genuine miles on the clock. The previous owner had ongoing health issues and the car was mostly off the road and stored in a garage....

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