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Most recently answered speed camera detectors questions
I have attempted to translate a French press release about that country’s new decree banning all forms of speed trap detector whether reader detector or satnav locators of fixed traps.
My wife and I are intending to travel to Slovakia from the UK by car. The TomTom tells us that the quickest route will mean travelling for a while in France. However I believe that I read a response from...
I have an Inforad v4e Speed camera warning device. The AA website states that any form of radar detector is totally illegal in France. The Inforad is, in my opinion, simply a GPS unit with camera locations...
I do a 70-mile commute to and from work on the A449 between Newport (South Wales) and Ross-on-Wye five days a week. Half the journey is on an A-road and the rest on a dual carriageway. Is the limit 70mph...
I am considering purchasing a device which is supposed to jam speeding laser device signals and doubles as a parking sensor. Is it legal and is it an effective way of avoiding laser gun speed traps ?
I am thinking of buying a speed camera detector for my Nissan Note 1.6SE. Does it have an athermic windscreen? If so, a camera detector will not work properly through it.
Having picked up 6 speeding points in 6 days I am anxious to stay within the law. Is there any technology (sat nav or otherwise) that will warn me if I am exceeding the limit whatever it is where I am?...
Regarding speed camera locators, I was bought a Novus GPS Rider for my birthday. This is advertised at about £95 and comes with free updates for life and a three-year guarantee. The unit, which is very...
Can you give your opinion on Speed Camera Locators, particularly the pros and cons of the new Talex GPS, and the Novus GPS Rider.

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