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I have recently purchased a one-owner 19-year-old Jaguar S-Type in very good condition but do not have garage space for it. Is there a Car Paint Protection firm you can recommend to try to help keep it...
I need a reasonably priced full car cover for protection against heavy dust/grit and possibly small stone chippings coming from my neighbour's house which is undergoing a major renovation until the end...
Is there a make of tailored car cover that is broadly regarded as the best? And which make would be considered a close second please?
I have an immaculate 2004 Toyota Celica TS which will have to live outside as further classic cars have used my garage space. This car is for keeps and is used about 2500 miles a year for reasonable runs....
I have a Mitsubishi PHEV. I bought a nylon cover as it’s on my drive and only use it a couple of times a week. My present cover is not satisfactory. What would you recommend?
My new Mazda 2 has to be parked on my drive, overshadowed by my next-door-neighbour's silver birch tree. I'm thinking of buying a protective cover for the car. Can you offer some advice on which cover...
My Toyota GT86 is parked outside in all weathers and it's getting bombarded with bird droppings. Would you recommend a car cover? If so, what brand or features would you look for?
What's the best car cover for a damp garage?
Would you use a car cover in a garage or leave it uncovered?
I live in Suffolk on the coast and my 2001 Volkswagen Golf sits outside, doing a relatively small mileage. I suffer with problems of heavy frost on the windows, which takes some time to remove and, very...

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