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Last Winter my otherwise fantastic Jaguar Xf proved to be undriveable in the snow, so I requisitioned my son's Hyundai Getz, an uninspiring vehicle at the best of times, and following your recommendation...
Do winter tyres need to be fitted by a specialist tyre fitter or will my local independant fitter or nearby Kwik-Fit etc be sufficient?
Is there a way of improving tyre grip in ice and snow without changing to winter tyres?
I cannot agree with you enough about the value of fitting winter tyres. Combine them with sensible driving and who needs a 4x4 for road driving in snow? I drive a Jaguar S-Type Diesel and last winter spent...
You recommend winter tyres as an alternative to having to buy a 4x4. On a front-wheel drive family car do you need all four or just two to provide better traction on the front, assuming the rears have...
I have a Nissan X-Trail 4x4 which is fine in the snow but skids on ice in the winter. Would winter tyres reduce the skidding and should they be used when the car is in 4-wheel-drive?
We need to replace our elderly 3-door Golf that we use for local journeys. Ideally we would like something nippy to cope with the country lanes and steep hills, will happily park (and drive away from)...
I have owned three Vauxhall Zafiras as we have four children. I have been very pleased with them but the kids are now grown up with cars of their own, so I no longer need a people carrier. I have grown...
In an attempt to save money, my wife, two small children and I are about to leave London and move to a rural location where the country lanes will not be gritted during winter. I will continue to work...
My new Nissan Note has an ESP on/off switch. Why would I wish to turn off this (I believe) valuable safety feature?
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