Could you recommend a crossover to replace my Vauxhall Zafira to cope with snowy conditions?

I have owned three Vauxhall Zafiras as we have four children. I have been very pleased with them but the kids are now grown up with cars of their own, so I no longer need a people carrier. I have grown to love the higher seating position and am reluctant to give it up. We live up a muddy lane on top of a hill and are constantly pulling over to pass. I work as a nurse in Bristol, which is 12 miles away and have to park in a multi-storey with compact spaces. Most of my journeys are this run in to the city. This year for the first time ever I twice couldn’t make it in to work due to the snow and, as I work in an emergency dept, this was frustrating. It left me wondering if I need a 4x4, would a crossover do? I want a high up driving position, good boot space, the smallest car possible for my lifestyle, the ability to pull off on to grass and not get stuck, good all-weather driving, excellent safety features.

Asked on 8 November 2010 by AB. via email

Answered by Honest John
Nissan Juke or Suzuki SX4. A 2WD with a set of winter tyres will probably be enough. Buy a separate set of rims fitted with winter compound tyres and fit them from later this month until March. These people specialise in winter wheel and tyre combinations and can give you best advice:,,, or
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