Can I reject an approved used car because it was knowingly sold to me with unresolved MoT advisories?

I bought a 2015 Skoda Yeti under Skoda’s approved used scheme. I was not shown the MoT certificate or made aware of any issues before paying for the vehicle. On handover, I saw the MoT certificate, which had two advisories: 'Front right tire 2mm bald outer edge - immediate attention' and 'Front pads worn 70% rear pads worn 50% - immediate attention'. Neither of the advisories had been rectified. I called Skoda customer service, who have called the dealer with my complaint. I'm now waiting to hear back. I drove it for one day and, in the evening, I heard scraping from the front right brake - which is assume is the wear indicator - and a intermittent rubbing sound from the engine compartment. They've sold me a an approved car that's an imminent MoT failure, which seems misleading. In addition, I was not given a copy of their multi-point checklist, which I was supposed to. I returned home and stopped driving it as soon as I heard the brake wear indicator. Where do I stand? I would like to reject the vehicle. I have a baby boy due in three weeks (as the dealer is aware) and I'm not happy to pay for the fix myself or drive a car with these issues. I'm considering taking it to an independent garage to check for further faults before I drive it more.

Asked on 20 April 2018 by T W

Answered by Honest John
Yes, in theory you can immediately reject it as "not of a satisfactory standard". The dealer may offer to fix all of the issues, but, in theory, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you don't have to accept that because you might not trust a dealer who knowingly sold you a dangerously sub-standard car. See:
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