I bought a used car that wasn't fit for purpose - can I reject it for a refund?

I bought a used approved R-Class from a big Mercedes-Benz dealer around 16 months ago. The car has had a history of problems from the time I purchased it i.e. steering wheel issues and suspension problems. Most recently, it has been in for repairs for well over a month for faulty air conditioning (new compressor was hard to find and, when found, it failed again because of a blockage in one of the pipes). I had extended the warranty for a cost, so the works have been covered and they have provided me with a loan car. I've asked for a refund on the basis that I believe this car was not fit to be sold as used approved given its history with me. They have not accepted but would be happy to review the figures if I were to part exchange for a different vehicle. I have not asked them what those numbers look like yet. I would just like a refund. What are my options?

Asked on 11 August 2017 by M Naq

Answered by Honest John
Too much time has passed for a refund which would, in any case, be for no more than the car's present value, not what you paid for it 16 months ago. Best thing to do is see what figures the dealer comes up with and negotiate from there. These American built Mercedes-Benz have a reputation for expensive problems.
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