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What's the best way for an Australian to get UK car insurance?

My daughter's partner has moved here from Australia and initially could only obtain car insurance on a monthly basis. The insurance company has now terminated his cover after six months. He has handed in his Australian licence and obtained a UK license, and he had no penalties or claims in Australia. He hasn't had any accidents here or any reason not to be insured. He has driven for well over 20 years accident free. Would you know of any companies who provide insurance for someone in this situation?

Asked on 4 April 2018 by William

Answered by Tim Kelly
He needs to start from scratch. He must be a UK resident and have a UK license, with these there should be no reason why he cannot obtain cover. He won't be able to use any past history and will have to accrue no claims to reduce his premium though.The best way forward is to use a broker or go directly to insurers like Aviva, Axa and DirectLine.
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