My daughter hit a car at 5mph and the driver is claiming whiplash - can we do anything about this?

My 22-year-old daughter was second in line at a local roundabout in rush hour traffic. The Mercedes-Benz GLA in front went, but then slammed on his brakes as he saw a car coming from the right on the roundabout. My daughter tapped his car at less than 5mph, she has a slight bend in her front number plate and the Mercedes-Benz has a foot-long horizontal scratch on the plastic plate below the bumper. I spoke to the owner and offered to pay for the replacement part, as well as £200 for the inconvenience, because my daughter only has three years No Claims that she will lose. However, he's claiming whiplash and went to the doctors. He's insisting on putting a formal claim in ‘as the right and proper thing to do’. Is there anything we can do? I have spoken with the claims team of our insurer, Hastings, and they have the full details.

Asked on 19 March 2018 by Nick winder

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you feel this is fraudulent, then report it to the ABI (, City of London Police ( and the IFB (

This is where dash cameras are great, so it's worth investing in one. Ultimately, your daughter should have been paying attention and has caused damage to the other party's car though. Don't just assume he doesn't have a real injury.
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