Why has my insurance premium increased for a lower insurance group car?

I just replaced my 2009 MX-5 2.0 Roadster 175PS with a 2011 Ford Focus Estate 1.6 diesel 115PS, both valued at £7000. I'm 62 and retired. My insurance company want to raise my premium from £425 to £600. I have nine years NCB. All other quotes want more money for a less powerful car. Why is this? I live in Birmingham and my insurance company say that their algorithm shows the Focus more likely to have a claim. Surely this is because there are more of them on the road.

Asked on 11 July 2017 by jo h

Answered by Tim Kelly
Insurance in general is rising rapidly and will do so for the next few years, it is more a factor of what is going on in the industry than your vehicle. Firstly, change your insurer. If you do not change your insurer then the premium will always increase based on their current system of working.

There is an issue because of where you live. Ford Focus are very common in that area and they are more prone to being instigators of "crash for cash" staged accidents. You can also get five people in a Focus but only two in an MX5, five whiplash claims - at £3000 each - cost more than two. Birmingham is one of the "crash for cash" hotspots in the UK, though this has dropped off a little this year.
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