My premium doubled after someone falsely claims I hit their car - what should I do?

Someone claims that I hit their car, but I was not in that area. My insurance company is not defending my argument, even though they have inspected my car and found it not to be damaged. My premium has doubled as a result, and they have done nothing after eight months. What should I do?

Asked on 21 August 2017 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
First of all, complain to the insurer and write to their chief exec. Then complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Advise your insurer you will sue them for breach of contract if they payout on the claim, as they have caused you financial loss with the increased premium, this is a vexatious claim. Ask your insurer to contact the other party's insurance, requesting evidence to substantiate their claim. I suggest you then see a solicitor to raise a counter claim for the person who is alleging that you hit them and sue for your losses. Can you prove where you and your car were at the time of the incident? If so provide that to your insurer. Also report the fraud to the IFB and IFED:
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