I had a hire car after an accident - why am I now being asked for information about it?

In May, someone drove into the back of my car. She admitted full liability and I had a witness. My car got written off and I sustained a whiplash injury. During this time I had a hire car, the hire company have now contacted me for information. They want to know if I know how much the vehicle cost, do I think that was fair, etc. I don't know what to do. Do I fill in the form or not? I'm not liable at all, but I don't want to put myself in an awkward position where they may hold me accountable for the fee? My whiplash claim is being handled by a personal injury lawyer.

Asked on 22 August 2017 by Charlotte

Answered by Tim Kelly
You have my sympathies as you are now finding out the nastier side of insurance and the service providers involved. In short, if you have had the use of the credit hire car, yes you must complete the form. It would sound like the other party's insurer are challenging cost from the provider of your vehicle. It now gets into very complex areas of credit hire. Fill the form out, be truthful, do not be led by anyone from any company. If you feel you cannot answer any question, write that "as a layperson I am unable to comment". The provider should have advised you prior to providing the vehicle of your duties, asked your "demands and needs" whether you were "impecunious" or not. If they did not, you are not liable for any cost they cannot recover, they are. If you get stuck at any point and want to clarify anything, feel free to get back in touch with us.
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