Will my No Claims Discount lapse if I don't have a car insured in my name?

Due to redundancy I'm going to be without a car for up to three months, this is due to my leased car being returned to the finance company next month and it doesn't make sense to lease or buy another car until I'm back in work. I currently have nine years protected NCD and wanted to know if it's possible to keep that, whilst I'm without a car insured my own name? My car insurance isn't due for renewal until June, so could I just keep that running and not inform them that I've returned the car? I should add that I will continue to be a named driver on my wife's car insurance policy.

Asked on 6 March 2018 by draco0077

Answered by Tim Kelly
You need to notify your insurer that you no longer have the vehicle because they will be liable if it's involved in an accident. Your NCD stays current for three years, even if you do not have a car. So you don't need to do anything because you will not lose them until that three years has elapsed.
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