My insurance premium increased despite no formal claims - why is this?

A few days ago I accidentally reversed my car into a neighbour's parked car, resulting is very minor damage to one of his car's rear wheel arches. My car was undamaged. I immediately notified my neighbour and provided my insurance details. and reported the incident myself to my insurers without delay. Several hours later, I learned that my neighbour's car had broken down, though this was unrelated to the incident involving my car. I have now been told that he is scrapping his car. On updating my insurers, I was told that my next premium will increase because I reported the incident, even though no claim is being pursued by either party. This appears very unfair, as it would clearly have been better for me to delay reporting the incident pending personal consultation with my neighbour, a practice actively discouraged by insurers. Is this acceptable practice by the insurers?

Asked on 22 February 2018 by Will Evans

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is grossly unfair and typical of insurers. Contact your insurer, ignore anything they may tell you on why they have to increase your premium.They will and do actively mislead you. Raise a complaint, and tell them that you made the call for information purposes only, and that you were not making a claim. If no claim is made, it should not affect your policy in any way. Go to the Financial Ombudsman with the complaint.

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