Are Cat N vehicles safe to buy?

My 17 year old daughter is looking for her first car. Her budget is about £3500 - £4000, and she really wants a Citroen C1. She’s seen a local garage, which have a 64-plate, Cat N within her price range. Is this safe? He showed pictures of the damage before the repair (it needed a bottom arm, new wheel and the wing and doors resprayed from light scratches).

Asked on 5 February 2018 by Lee

Answered by Tim Kelly
For £4000, there are vehicles out there that have not been a total loss. Go to the auctions instead and buy a car without that history. As a rough guide, a previous total loss is worth approximately 30 per cent less at retail than another without the previous history. If you have knowledge of vehicle repair, it should not be an issue. If not, avoid total loss cars like the plague. These cars are potentially dangerous.
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