How do we make the insurer pay out for the Echo Arena car park fire that destroyed our daughter's car?

Our daughter travelled to Liverpool for the New Year celebrations and unfortunately parked on the fifth floor of the Echo Arena, which then burned the 1400 cars parked in there. Her insurance company are dragging their feet and asking for all sorts of information which she has supplied. She has no proof at present her car is there as she left the parking ticket in the car and the building is unsafe for anyone to check. Other insurance companies have sent in drones and are already paying out, but daily telephone calls to her insurance company have proved to be of no help. Can you suggest a way forward to speed up the process? At present she is renting a vehicle and finding her predicament frustrating and costly.

Asked on 23 January 2018 by richard jardine

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact the claims department and raise a complaint, then contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and complain to them as well. Ask your insurer if they've been in contact with Liverpool Council and Echo Arena. I would also suggest you get on Twitter and get public with your dissatisfaction and make as much noise as you can. A Facebook group has also been set up for those who've lost vehicles in the fire, so might be worth joining that to discuss any insurance issues with others who might be facing the same problems.
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