My car was set on fire by vandals, so why has my premium doubled for an incident that wasn't my fault?

My vehicle has today been deemed a write off after an arson attack outside my house a couple of weeks ago. The perpetrators have not been found and, as a result, my insurance premium has doubled to £1110 because the incident is listed as my fault. Is there anything I can do to prevent this being the case, considering I'm totally blameless? I assume that wherever I look for a new renewal, all comparison sites will see the same result on my search and this will be reflected in the premium they seek. Are there any companies I can go to who specialise in insurance for victims of this type of event?

Asked on 11 May 2018 by Martin Hallett

Answered by Tim Kelly
It will be logged as a fault claim if no other party can be claimed from. They are not saying you are at fault or negligent, it's purely a terminology. It's actually logged as a no fault claim in the same way vandalism and theft is. It is not logged in the same way as accidental damage caused by yourself. It's a very unfortunate situation you are in, but that is why you have insurance. However, you are now seen as being a higher risk , as you may claim again in the future. Change insurer to try to get better quotes. This is why it's wise to get protected no claims.
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