Can we stop our car being written off?

Our car was recently written off after a rear end shunt. Can we appeal against a car being written off because I paid £784 the week before the write off for repairs. The body shop said the car is safe to drive and the repairs were £4000. The offer from the insurance company to write it off was £4800, but they won't get it repaired as it was 'borderline' and the repair quote could increase. All the repairs are plastic parts - apart from the exhaust, heat shield and lights.

Asked on 25 January 2018 by John Wickham

Answered by Tim Kelly
An insurer can fulfil it's contract in three ways: authorise repairs, cash in lieu settlement or total loss the vehicle. The contract of indemnity is up to the market value of the car. If the repair cost is less than the market value, you can insist on it being repaired, or a cash settlement at the cost of the repair. Do not listen or be influence by what the insurer says because they have a commercial interest in your pay out. You do need to consider whether it is worth it being a total loss or not though. If the market value given was enough, would you walk away from the car? The fact you spent £784 the week before means nothing to an insurer. Read
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