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I recently bought an approved used BMW that's very faulty - what are my rights?

On 1 October 2017, I purchased a BMW 5 Series (approved used from a BMW dealership. Since then the car has been in for repairs three times. It shut down on the motorway, had warped front discs and split dust boots changed. It's now had four injectors and fuel lines changed and I've not had the car since the start of December. I feel I've been duped. What are my rights? Should I be asking for an extended warranty for peace of mind or another car? I paid a large deposit and the rest is on finance.

Asked on 2 January 2018 by 1320Arbroath

Answered by Honest John
You have a case. But how far to take it depends on what you paid for the car. Under £10,000, Small Claims. Over £10,000 means the full County Court if the dealer doesn't roll over, and that could cost you more than £10,000 in legal and court fees. See:
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