I'm driving through Croatia next April - will it affect my insurance if I don't use winter tyres?

I plan to drive through Europe to Montenegro in mid April next year. I have winter tyres for my car and intended to remove them before my trip. I am not making the return trip until June. Croatia, which I pass through in one day, I now find requires winter tyres until the end of April. Most other countries end the winter tyre requirement in mid April. Will it affect my insurance position if take off my winter tyres. I could leave them on but am concerned that high temperatures on the return journey may affect their performance, especially as most of the journey is on motorways.

Asked on 6 November 2017 by Bruce Nicholls

Answered by Honest John
If you run summer tires in Croatia then if you may get fined by the police if your vehicle is not legal to use. If you have an accident, and it is snowing or icey at the time, the insurer could argue that it was as a result of the summer tyres being fitted. They could then try to repudiate the claim, but they would be on very uncertain territory. They would have to prove it was as a direct cause of the tyres. I personally would leave them on, most modern winter tyres will be perfectly fine in the higher temperatures, though may wear quicker due to the softer silica content. If you run them a few PSI higher than you normally do, they should be fine.
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