My brother has been told to surrender his licence due to a medical condition - is his insurance now invalid?

My brother had major surgery last year and again this year. He has now been told by his GP, the local hospital and Kings College Hospital consultants that he should advise the DVLA that he should no longer be driving for the foreseeable future. One of the medics unfortunately told him that it doesn't necessarily mean forever and can be reversed. He's latched onto this and thinks because of this he doesn't need to advise the DVLA. My concern is that, although he isn't driving himself, he has other named drivers on his car insurance policy who regularly ferry him around in his own vehicle. Is his insurance still valid if he has failed to advise the DVLA?

Asked on 3 November 2017 by gallic

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, his insurance is invalid. It would be a breach of contract if he no longer holds a current valid license to drive.
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