Is it legal for an insurer to restrict me doing major work on my car?

Is it legal for an insurance company to ask me "to ensure that no major private work has been included in the schedule or being undertaken at the same time as the repairs." I understand the bit about being included in the schedule as that is betterment but to state that I can't do major work at the most appropriate time seems unfair, especially as we are paying an extra £37,000 for the works and the insurance contribution is £78,000.

Asked on 28 April 2017 by Brendan Scott

Answered by Tim Kelly
That is a big repair. No, your insurance cannot restrict you carrying out work on your own car whilst it is in having work done. However, you cannot try to claim for unrelated damages as part of your insurance claim (and it is to this that the statement is being made). The best thing to do is contact your insurer and make them aware that the vehicle WILL be having work done at the same time. Should they be insistent, raise a complaint and advise they are breaching "unfair terms and conditions in a contract regulations" which is also a Financial Conduct Authority regulation:
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